The Issues.



It’s no secret that education is the great equalizer. Providing children with access to quality education is paramount for the future of our community. Further, a quality education system is the cornerstone of a thriving community.

Jonathan will work to prepare our students for multiple educational and vocational career paths. He’ll work to ensure education funds are protected and adequate, support teachers with high-quality development opportunities, ensure education funding is optimized for student impact, and support legislation that promotes workforce development.


A constant, yet consistently improving infrastructure is key to a growing, flourishing community. Jonathan understands the necessity of working with local officials to maintain existing infrastructure while also developing new infrastructure that supports District 7. It’s more than simply roads, energy, and buildings. It’s about supporting District 7 in its current state as well as preparing for its future.


As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Jonathan knows the impact that successful businesses and start-ups have on our community and our state as a whole.

Jonathan will support policy that invigorates capital investment and entrepreneurship. He will seek to reduce and eliminate regulations that hinder and prevent small businesses growth, working as an advocate for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses in District 7 and across the state.